No kid ever says
“I want to be in Sales when I grow up"

We think that needs to change

The goal of this book is to have a greater impact on the overall profession of Sales than any book on sales process or technique ever could. 100% of the profits will go to my daughter’s favorite charity, the World Wild Life Fund. Remember, Sales isn’t just about making money.

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Our story

Sales is one of the greatest professions in the world when done right. It not only drives everything we do but it opens a world of possibilities for those who choose to commit to it as a profession. This book follows Charlie on her journey to find out what Sales is really all about and the benefits it provides to anyone who cares to learn how to do it the right way.

Year 1

The first year of selling cookies my daughter, Charlotte, asked if I would share her web order form out to my social network so people could buy online. I told her she had to earn it and give people a reason to buy from her. So we put together this little video and blog post.

Year 2

She sold the most cookies in our hometown the first year, so we had to step it up in year two with an updated pitch, objection handling techniques and some old school door to door selling.

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An education in what Sales is really all about

Charlie must write a book report about a career in Sales for school. Since she doesn’t know what Sales is she decides the best way to learn is to try it herself. She quickly finds out that Sales isn’t as easy as it seems.

Key take-aways

Her book report in the end summarizes what she learned and gives a strong foundation for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in Sales.


Every parent in sales should buy a copy of this book to explain the admirable, often flexible and lucrative - but sometimes hidden career of professional selling.

- Lori Richardson, President of Women in Sales Pros

John debunks myths about sales and crystallizes that sales done wrong makes for a terrible job but sales done right makes for one of the most rewarding professions.

- Scott MacGregor, CEO of Something New

The language in the book acts as a guide for kids to get some basic sales skills into practice. We’ve all had lemonade stands as a kid. This book is the icing on that cake for young ones!

- James Buckley, Say What Sales